Evaluation of Return on Marketing Investment – Market Mix models

The sales data or the other KPI is analyzed to evaluate the strength and the nature of influence of the marketing drivers on KPI, for example advertising and trade activities, price, distribution, product features, macroeconomics and the others to find return on investment, evaluate the potential of each activity and make budget optimization and evaluate the success of the future strategy with the forecast.

It is possible to evaluate the impact of each advertising campaign and marketing activity

The main questions answered:

Brand Funnel modeling – evaluation of brand health influence on business result

This instrument is aimed at calculation the value of impact made by brand health or image KPI to sales.

It includes the models of brand KPI depending on advertising and the other marketing activities, and the understanding how this influence is converted to sales.

The questions addressed:

Media guidelines – optimization of media planning taking into account the motivation potential of creative

For granular analysis of the flight there is a method called Media Guidelines. It is aimed at the questions – what is the effective weight of each creative used in the flight, what is the effective frequency, and how long the campaign shall be aired.

The main questions addressed:

Internet deep-dive models

Specifics of online advertising is uncovered in all diversity in the special type of ROI models – Internet deep-dive models.

These models are aimed at optimization of the mutual work of offline and online channels and understand the main online KPI to be optimized in the media plan.

The main questions addressed:

Pretests of concepts and creatives

Pretests are the very well used method by research agencies. However, there is one question behind the scene – about the real choice of the customer under the influence of the particular concept.

The standard survey test of the concept does not always allow to give an answer on that question.

We have modified the methodology of the standard pretest in a way to evaluate the concepts by opportunity to choose the brand in order to select one with maximal potential.

The method is based on the ssurvey of consumers and verification of this choice with the help of models.

The main questions addressed:

Positioning and the strategy

Quite often the clients ask the following questions

The answers on these and the other questions are found with the help of the big research survey which allows to get answers about the market, perspective segment and best positioning.

The client experience

The client experience – either client satisfaction (measured usually by the Client delight index) or willingness to recommend (measured usually by Net Promoter Score) uncovers a lot of business insights with the help of statistical analysis.

Usually in these projects we use the different sources of data – survey data about client satisfaction, marketing campaigns data and the real business experience or infrastructure data

The questions addressed:

The market models

To go further you should see the perspective.

This perspective is given not only be brand models but by segment or market models made with the help of econometrics techniques.

It is very important to realize – what is the development of the segment in the future, what could affect it – from the infrastructural differences up to change in the main segment participants – and with the help of this knowledge to operate with the future brand revenue and share.

Main questions addressed:

The price models

These models are specially designed to evaluate the different price strategies, the effective boundaries of promo and regular price with the different strategies of the brand and category development.

The questions answered:

Forecast instrument

To visualize the data and the model output, and to make possible the Client work with the result of the models, all the mathematical insides of the model are put in the special online instrument easy to work with and designed for the Cient’s needs.

The instrument illustrates the main question –


The round table discussing BIG Data and the questions which Russian business addresses to the research agencies took place on October 16, 2018 at GroupM conference.

round table was attended by representatives of

Case of client experience influence on business KPIs (AdIndex conference)

On May 16, 2017, at AdIndex City conference BIG presented an econometric case study about the impact of customer experience on business performance.

The case is approved by MTS for public presentation and is an interesting example of analysis showing how the company's activities affect the satisfaction of the subscriber and further the business performance of the operator, such as income from the subscriber, the probability of churn, the average duration of the conversation.

Designed econometric model allows to evaluate the business performance results gained by managing customer experience with the help of available instruments.

Video presentation of the case about offline and online channels work for business KPIs (Google conference)

At the Google Think Performance conference in June 2017, there was shown the joint case of Sberbank, Google and BIG.

BIG using econometric modelling estimated an impact of Internet advertising on Sberbank's consumer loans, which included, among the other channels, YouTube.

In addition to Internet advertising, the model estimates the impact of interest rates, Bank infrastructure, competitive performance in category and advertising, the whole Sberbank advertising support including off-line media.

The case study compares the effectiveness of different online and off-line media channels.